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2004年6月23日 (水曜日)

GLENN GOULD/The Goldberg Variation BWV988

kk4e2g0l.GIF If you allow me to speak about Glenn Gould's music, I may talk forever. What is it? What is the reason why this weird Canadian pianist is adored by the worldwide listeners, even after 22 years has passed since his death in 1982? I believe it is because his music is about the soltitude in faith, which anyone could get related to. After we are born as a man or a woman, after all, we are all alone and live along with the lonely life. And I guess, he was like a master of soltitude life?

With his 1955 debut album, Bach's Goldberg Variation made a sensational sales worldwide. This Bach's masterpiece took 300 years to reach the young genious's hands, performed on new instrument; the piano. For the heaven's sake, finally the music is given to us as a great gift. The album is still on the top of classical music sales charts today.





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