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2004年6月20日 (日曜日)

One Hundred Million Candle Lights「1000000人のキャンドルナイト」

j8wwkb43.GIFIn US, my american friends use tungsten lights in house. They wake up early and go to bed early. I, mostly late night & morning person, adore the life style, really. After all western culture comes from the hunter culture. I am a Japanese, whom comes from a agricultural culture, but when I stayed with them at the first time, I loved the dim darkness and warmness of the light somehow. Sometimes I shut the fluorescent lights, and use only tungsten lumps to read books or listen to music.(By the way, I live w/o TV, anyway.) Today, in this summer soltice, a commitee produces a campaign that let us use the candle light only. O'course, I go for it. And the music should be Debussy's preludes, libre 1.




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