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2004年7月28日 (水曜日)

America divided into two parties.


Politic is complicated. In Japan, there are a couple of parties, which sometimes I don't understand why they are separated in their variety. A politician said that he can not agree with the other party in such and such, but usually the comment for publicity is very short and overlooked by the advocates or the entire media, so it does not explain anything. Perhaps it sounds noizy to make a good statement. Besides, at the daily conversation level, the Japanese launguage is very vague and omitted in short sentences. I don't know. It is corny and contradicted though, because, as you may know, Japanese are always serious and look for a perfection. Anyway I always think that many things get in cut, not explained anywhere enough. And even worse, no one seeks for a good speech.
Japanese don't have a speech class in a college; Strange. Unless you want to be an actor or some professional roles on a stage, you don't know how it feels to get a grip in front of a bunch of people. Yeah, we are shy. As the result, the power of a man as a strong indivisual; a good leader does not exist in many fields. We are a short of good leaders. Sadly, even if we have a good leader, we are screwed because we haven't developed a good communication theory such as a logical thinking+persuasion, win-win situation, or cause and effect. Many people get passive, saying always yes to their boss. Dah! Where is our happy medium?  
On the other hand, leaders in US Congress makes a good statement in speech. Very present in a good manner(--but I guess many of american people know that it is just being formal, and nothing is special about it.) I tell you, my american friends, you should be proud of it anyway, because in some asian countries, those adults in congress get bloody and have a "real" fight in a childish launguage and, uh, a little violence. To look at two countries, I can not say which is better, but I guess both of them didn't work well. American Congress is like a watching Star Wars. Jedi vs Sith. Winner and Loser. A Pawn takes a King. Yes, the most of governers in both of our countries speak of nothing but baloney, which also may sound BS. Excuse my French.


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