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2004年8月 5日 (木曜日)

Kafka on the shore-Haruki Murakami


This is a heavy topic. Please don't read it when you are in a bad mood. Thanks.


【Absurd death】is the heaviest thing in the whole world; what suffers us most in our lives. Tomorrow someone very close to you die, then you are struck down into a deep sorrow, pain, and/or anger.

Today I looked back my adolescence since I start understanding the absurdity of human crime, and society, and history. The period I have counted for is about only 10 years. Then I realized, NOT SO MANY THINGS GET IMPROVED or EVEN SOLVED: even worse----that is what I thought.

One day in a few weeks ago, within a short minutes, a man in lost took 7 innocent lives with a knife. Why? A few years ago, a friendly Japanese student was shot to be killed in a Halloween in the southern state. Why? Last Tuesday, a promised black musician who was about to make a contract with a major record company was shot by 3 policemen in New Orleans.(I read this in Ann Sally website.) Why? In the world war, a genocidal madness was taken over in every countries. Yeah, we knew it. We learned that.

WHY those terrible things happens? We would not understand it completely. There are our sorrow and pain remained, again, and again.
In Murakami's latest book, Kafka on the shore, he made characters of a devil and a friendly angel, which was taken the story like Greek Myth. It is a very bazaar and surrealistic idea came from Murakami's symbolic prose as always as it be. My first impression on them was just about humorous subjects. I enjoyed the whole book in two years ago but less than the past books of it, so I sold the books and didn't think about the story until this week.

A few days ago, I read the sad news on the Ann Sally website. The first thing I thought was the evil man in Murakami's book. I thought HE did it(absurd murder)again, somewhere unknown, in the dark room of the dark place which the good people with a soul would never be able to find.

OKAY. Let's face it. Evils exist in this world. The absurdity which we never understand in life exist and even get closer, trying to grab us. I guess we live in the age of pain and sorrow, over and over. It is pathetic! Pessimistic! but wait...where is the friendly angel?

If the incomprehencible death and tragedy exists in life, there must exist incomprehencible happiness and luckiness in this world? No matter how small the happness and the luck will be? THERE, we would keep in hope, somewhere in the bottom of deep pain and sorrow.

At the moment, I finally noticed why Murakami create the devil and angel in his story----no matter he really suggests it with his intention.


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