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2004年9月 3日 (金曜日)

Analyze this (1999)-Harold Ramis


Whatsthemattah withyou, Papa?

It was a great casting, DE NIRO! BILL C! Well, what do you expect for more? Every actors did a great job and hilarious, but something was missing. I guess the plot was great: I gave a credit for it which have achieved some kind of originality because MAFIA BOSS-PSYCHIATRIST dialogue has a great intrigue to us, in terms of "analyzing" a person who live in a closed world of Mafia. In fact, we know lots of mafia guys through the film, but we don't know them directly from the film dialogue. We followed the story, but we have to guess why Michael Corleone, a great creation by Mr.Puzzo and Mr.Coppola, chose his life to be in the criminal life, for instance. No one asked why he chose it. IT is not in the dialogue, thus we have to guess.

Can you imagine if a great director made a serious mafia movie that the plot is based on MAFIA BOSS-PSYCHIATRIST conversation scenes? (Not like the long-term TV show, the Sopranos.) It could be interesting to see why Michael did this and that. Hey, maybe I should write a script! Uh, a wishful thinking. I don't have the talent... Anyway, after all, this movie is ended up with a bad mixture of comedy and drama.

キャスティングもプロットも良い。勿論演技は言う事なし。でもストーリーが弱いんです。マフィアが精神科医のアドバイスを得るというのは、アメリカのテレビ番組では、The Sopranosという人気番組があるのですが、映画でプロットして使われたのは、この映画が初めてかもしれません。つまり、オリジナリティがあるんですな。もし優れた映画監督が、例えばゴッドファーザーのマイケル・コルリオーネのようなドンの精神世界と現実世界を映しだすような映画を創ったら・・・ウー、怖いすぎるのは嫌ですが、すっげえ面白い映画ができそうです。誰か脚本書いてください!


★★☆☆1/2 (2.5 out of 4)


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