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2004年9月14日 (火曜日)

That is the way I am.


No matter you are rich or poor, the life is a journey, which is to learn a natural ajustment for who you are and what you are in love with.
I got this on my mind for a few years now. It is difficult to know being natural, but at least I know what I am in love with, so far, in my 30 years.

I am deeply interested in a "classic" inspiration and moment. I don't know where they come from. Everyday, I look for new things which may exist in 100 years later or old things from the 100 years ago. It is rare to find such a special thing, but when I find it--it thrils me, entertains me, to think, to feel, and to learn something. And if I could create a new thing from the value I've seen, heard, and experienced in life, it would be wonderful. I guess, it is a beauty of living a life, isn't it?

That is the way I am. Maybe I am crazy--I know.






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