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2004年10月24日 (日曜日)



Magnitude 6.8 attacked Niigata.

 I have friends in a far, far away. Sometimes I "feel" them. I think about them, as if they are a part of my body and mind. And, if something happened where they live. I will be worried.

 Recently the Japanese islands has been attacked by natural disasters. So far, I don't have friends around where they occured, but... I imagine the people out there. I imagine what happened and what is going on at the far away from my life. Well, seeing images on internet and hearing some news on the radio that makes me use the imagination. Sometimes I think the imagination means a lot to me somehow. Even there's no friends out there, somewhere, a far, far away of my life, "feeling" the living of people, in the different situation, government, and religion, on the One planet.




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