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2004年11月30日 (火曜日)

J.S.バッハ - 権威と秩序 -


Sometimes, I see miracles. It is merely a chance of nature. I assume that there is no order, perhaps. Nature might not have her own will. I know that I may become sentimental or may think too much. Still, sometimes I see the nature as a miraculous thing. It is beyond our words. Those leaves fell onto the earth, and each of leaves make uncertain distances among them. HOW!? WHY!? Wind blows, and they are gathered with a certain places. WHAT IS GOING ON? I am always amazed in the state of wonder. Despite using our lauguate to express my feeling, the closest reminiscece to the wonder is that of J.S.Bach's music. There is authority and order. When you hear the music, you know him there. You feel the order of sheer beauty. Sometimes we think that there is only chaos in this world, but at least there is one...that is the music of J.S.Bach to me.
 Johann Sebastian Bach
 The Well-Tempered ClavierⅠ, BWV846 - 869
 Glenn Gould, piano


« Closer to the heart | トップページ | 富士山がみえたよ。-Mt.Fuji- »

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