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2004年12月21日 (火曜日)



 To begin with, I say, "Abstract" art is very academic.
"I don't know what it is, but it looks interesting!" "I love works like Klee and Kandinsky stuff." ----well, if lots of boys and girls in society start saying these things from the early 20s, it would be nice, but the truth is absolutely not like that through my experience. The art is mysterious, curious, and charming, I always would say. Isn't it nice to say, "hmmm, to me, this looks like the shape of a cornbread with cheese I had yesterday." Uh, something like that; a jokey example, sort of.
 To be honest, one time, I thought the whole idea of abstract art seemed to be silly, useless, and hopeless. Even I kept thinking about it. The world would not be changed at all despite of whatever the art have surpassed its quality or study along with the human history. What are we? What a waste of time and space!
 To be academic, it is a wonderful thing. I don't have to be smart. I don't have to say anything. Just being like a kid. It is the key. Free my senses! Free my mind. And it is free to feel and think about anything from the abstract work. The world stays as where I am, but the freedom of abstract gives me a chance to change my bad mood and dry mind. It could be a waste of time and space, but sometime and someday, it fulfills my heart, and hopefully yours too.



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