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2004年12月28日 (火曜日)

Wolfgang Tillmans: Freischwimmer


A Review@12/26/2004,
Wolfgang Tillmans:Freischwimmer, Opera City Art Gallery

Where is this talented artist going to go?
This exhibition was perfectly done. Supreme. Probabaly no photographer in the world could represent his/her work as well as Wolfgang Tillmans achieved. His theme was very solid and achy with a sorrow voice. The big Gallery turned to be his own personal world, as if the audience stuck in his brain, in there we could witness, which was the world that represents a chunk of the real world. Simply I imagined that the critics would say that this is the vision of "the lost generation." as Hemingway said. These are the people who are young and don't believe in God or anything. I don't know what it is to be placed; a new German Realism in the post-modern age? We were hopeless, helpless, and restless? Since Japanese don't believe in anything, I wonder what the audiece thought about this exhibition. --What did I think about this exhibition? I thought the work was great, but I didn't feel a sense of hope, compassion, or human, from these works. His vision is strong, but what the eyes see? Just a strict presence? What is it for? I'd like to know.



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