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2005年1月22日 (土曜日)

Mr. Lennon


 I am not a good chef, but cooking is a fun thing to do. It might be a center of living a happy life. Sometimes I enjoy planning the process of cooking the dinner. While I am working or riding my bicycle on the way back to home, I think about the plan in a part of my head. Some of my friends tell me a joke; "you can be a full time household husband." I always agree.
 When Ms.Lennon gave a birth of Sean, Mr.Lennon had taken care of their baby as a full-time household father for 5 years, until he started recording his last album (Double Fantasy) Somehow the episode in a life of John Lennon keeps in my heart and I adore it for years, which means something good for myself, maybe.
 In Japan, there is a lot of issues to raise a child. The social environment is terribly behind from one in Europe and USA. The low birth rate keeps going down even if the economy has recovered. Only I can do right now is sighing...and enjoy cooking.

 ミズ・レノンがショーン君を生んだ時、ミスター・レノンは5年間育児をしました。最後のアルバム(となってしまったDouble Fantasy)をレコーディングするまで。ジョン・レノンの人生の1エピソードですが、この話は、高校生の頃からもう何年も、どういうわけかぼくの心に留まっている。たぶん自分にとって、何か意味があるのかもしれない。


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