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2005年2月26日 (土曜日)

Last Tango in Paris (1973) - Bernardo Bertolucci


It is very hard to talk about controversial matter, but I try to do it this time with today's post. I don't recommend to watch this controversial film to everyone (especially for the young and children; do not see it 'til they got a certain bias and judgement), and honestly I don't praise this film so much. In one way, the film is visually evocative and unconventional, in the another way, artificially fictional and sarcastic. What is the subject? What is the story about? There are some enigmas to think about behind the film's controversiality.

The whole story is composed by the world of a madman, Paul, roled by Marlon Brando. In the 2 hours of film, what we see for the most is the enigma of his deep sadness, lust, and ego. The another enigma, Jeanne, a young girl with an eccentric boyfriend, fell in love with Paul in her way, somehow.

Personally I don't like the end. The story telling tour de force, it was logical and shocking, but I don't agree the implication of "the fate" or "Karma" that 30 years old Bertolucci might have had in mind at the time. What striked me most was the scenes that Paul was talking to his wife. The scene represented the whole story, where we could imagine and think about what the death is. I think the subject of this film is the human behavior of facing insanity and death. It is hard to see the matter in the real life, but the film as a fiction, is not only entertainment, but also academic, and hopefully it provides us strength in life. I believe that I learned a bit about death, and feel okay for now. ★★★☆ (3 out of 4)


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