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2005年3月19日 (土曜日)

毎秒が生きるチャンス - ランス・アームストロング

毎秒が生きるチャンス - ランス・アームストロング
Every Second Counts - Lance Armstrong

l.jpgIn the past post, I said, we might not need a hero in life. Well, I admit I was wrong. This man, 6 times champion of bike race; Tour de France, is absolutley a hero. What he conquered was not only the bike tour but also the cancer he had. I can not imagine how much he struggled and agonized the pain. In this book, it was told a wonderful life story and philosophy he has been through. It seems that Lance Armstrong is an extraordinarily brave and headstrong with an iron will. Sometimes we lost in words to accept his unique opinion but this book is worth to read and the readers may be impressed and encourged to "live strong." Lance Armstrong Foundation (LiveStrong)



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