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2005年3月 8日 (火曜日)

美しき諍い女 - La Belle Noiseuse - (1991) Jacques Rivette

239 minutes! (4 hrs.) b.jpg

to think about the art...

Wow. About a week ago, I thought about this subject (by a French painter, Duchamp) and this week, I faced the same subject again, by a French Director, Jacques Rivette. I am not sure that THERE was a story for this film. The subject deadly focused on the sheer activity of creating an art, itself. It has been a non-sense to talk about nudity or eroticism with this film. The viewer, with or without a talent of painting, must see what the artist sees and does, as well as what comes from the the beautiful model in nude, or what happens in the studio.

Towards the end, the story seemed to make a drama and forms something else rather than art. It loses the direction and focus. I lost my interest around there. Sometimes art is not necessarily related to the artist and his/her human relationship, I think. The story needs a drama and it develops and reveals the relationship around the artist. It is a difficult balance to make a film with a sequence switching between a drama and a visual documentary. The director made a good balance of it with this 4 hours film, but the closing of the film was vague and weak because of the documentary sequece. On the other hand, dialogues were sophisticated and wonderful but sometimes they were delivered mechanically without the sequence of a drama. ANYWAY, I really liked this brave and bold film. It was truly original.

(★★★☆1/2 3.5 out of 4)




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