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2005年5月18日 (水曜日)

It must be nice!


It's been a month I had been hectic. I cooked the traditional Japanese dinner; rice, miso-soup, baked salmon, and stewed vegetables. In any of my mental and physical conditions, the dinner becomes my personal healing, which makes my soul recovered; very refreshing it is. I knew I was stressed out at the end of last week. I was not angry or upset, but I was very tense to leave my job. For the last two days, I was still dragging the bad habit inside of me. I registered head-hunting companies as many as I could, and I realized that I need to stop for a while, and take my time to think about my direction. SO I decided to take a break... I wish I could go to a theater and watch the final episode of Star Wars. IT MUST BE NICE!



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