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2005年5月22日 (日曜日)

Never let me go


 There are too many noises and sounds in this world. Sometimes you get very annoyed with too many voices and melodies in everywhere.
 I love this album all the time, because...it suits for a quiet night in any mood. Simply, it is quiet. Towards the end of this CD, the music got excited, but the piano trio performed in a manner like minimum music through the live concert. The Jazz songs played by Keith's quiet melodious piano, supported by Jack's delicate drums and cymbals, and also accompanied with Gary's elegant bass. On a top of it, applause by the Japanese audience is beautiful.
 I believe the relaxed mind in good music remembers where the human heart belongs to be.


cd.jpg  TOKYO'96
  Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack Dejohnette

   1. It Could Happen To You 2. Never Let Me Go 3. Billie's Bounce
   4. Summer Night 5. I'll Remember April 6. Mona Lisa 
   7. Autumn Leaves 8. Last Night When We Were Young 
   9. John's Abbey 10. My Funny Valentine/Song


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