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2005年7月23日 (土曜日)

A machine to die for

Specialized Sirrus A1 CE Sport, model 2006

 When he grows up, a boy, usually loves speed and machine like Anakin Skywalker, who is excellent at both of them. But in my case, I was not a boy like everyone else. I never dreamed of being the best pilot on the whole world. I have never been interested in Porches or Ferrari. I was different in a way. I am not saying that I grow up like a girl. (Well, I am not sure though, because I tend to enjoy cooking and organize my houseworks. - oh, please understand, I don't intend to discuss about the gender roles here, you know what I mean?) I guess I grow up with Mangas and TV animations; fantastic stories and fancy characters with eye-taking designs, just like every boys (and girls) do. I am an ordinary person, after all.
 One thing in the boy's field that got my interest is the bicycle. I was not physically strong for a long time. I think I rather had weak mind and body. After became the 30 years old, I have been changing mentally and physically. Somehow, I become a bit stronger (, I hope!). My interests has been shifted and changed a bit too. I realized, maybe I originally own the slower character than everyone else does. My interest, grows up slowly. Now I am interested in exercize due to become like a macho. --No. Just kidding for "macho." Swimming and riding the bicycle, has been entered as a part of my life. Today...is a new beginning of my life, with this bike, only machine to die for.


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