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2005年8月 5日 (金曜日)

A la Monet


As you know, I am a Japanese and I live in Japan. At a sunny evening afternoon, I photographed this, I thought about the French painter, Claude Monet, and his country. It is like transporting the Japanese tradition backwords. With the frame and composition, I dreamed of Monet's garden and the famous painting. Say, I composed it "a la Monet." Did Monet have studied the mind of Zen and any kind of Japanese philosophy? It is an interesting topic to think about. (Maybe some art historians are studing on the subject.) Anyway, Monet took it from Japan a century ago, and I took it from Monet a century later. I photographed this shot with the black and white film as my work, hopefully it will come out nicely and to be placed as a portfolio shot. I haven't developed the film yet. Let's see how it will come out.


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