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2006年2月27日 (月曜日)

Winter Pacific Saury



When I walked around with my camera, the world became ambiguous. Everything melted with my emotion like a piece of music. There was no name. There was no color in names. No counting clouds. Nothing. I felt a blue sky as a beautiful sky with a wind blowing in a fresh air. Ever since I have photographed, I never memorized those names of beautiful clouds, trees, or flowers. They were just beautiful as it seems to be. But, sometime I felt ashamed about it when people ask me, "hey, what is the name of this tree?" -"Sorry, Idon' know." When I baked a pacific saury for a dinner tonight, -which I looked up the dictionary for the name of fish in English later- I realized this fish was one of a few fishes I know the name! A pacific saury was one of popular fishes in Japan, especially in the season of autumn. I knew this was the winter time, but I decided to photograph it and memorize the English name of fish, with honor. I said to the fish, "Hey, it was a good dinner. Thanks for giving me great vitamins. I don't forget your name this time! I apologized that I haven't known your name in English for such a long time, Sorry, Mr. Saury!"


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