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2006年3月21日 (火曜日)

Happiness of my life


As I start sensing the end of winter, I also sense something good coming to my life. Do you think I am a dreamer? Sometimes I take it seriously. Some day I take it for granted. Today I take it as okay, etc. Those are my days; my life, right now. Things get better...yes I am still learning.

Even if "that something good" is not gonna happened, and you don't even remember your sense of "that something good," don't you think that it is a wonderful thing to sense "that something good?" ----well, I do! I think we call it "hope." Hope is a good thing. I believe it is one of the best thing in life. It is different from "dream," "optimistic," or "see the bright side." Hope is above all of those words in many ways.

In life, there are no goods or bads, after all. If I can simply be happy with just for living a day, what is a much better way to live? --I believe that is called as the happiness of life. And there, that is the goal and/or end of my life.


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