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2006年10月 2日 (月曜日)

Gallery/Speech Report


Black and white photographer finds detail

by Craig S. Semon, Staff Reporter

the Montachusett T&G

On September 13th, I was back in my college, Fitchburg State College, Masachusetts. I was given an opportunity to make a speech in front of many students and people who came to see me at that day. It happend to me to return there about 6 years after the last visit, and 9 years after my graduation. What a night! I appreciate all the people there, listening to my bad English spoken speech, and giving me welcome handshakes and warm hugs. Thank you!

I was very nervous and get excited about communicating with the people, now I almost forgot the content of my speech, but in here, a nice beard guy, Mr.Craig S. Semon from the local newspaper, the Montachusett T&G, summarize what the night was like and what I wanted to say in speech. Thank you very much, Craig. (2 Notes though, I am 32 years old, and my teacher's name is Peter Laytin.)

I am working on my new work, now, with good and refreshed spirit.

Hope I see you all again, within a few years.

Thank you.

Hiroaki Yamashita,

At my appartment in Tokyo

(Japanese Translation as follows.)







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