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2007年6月12日 (火曜日)





Akiyoshidou, Yamaguchi, Jun 6, 2007


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2007年6月 7日 (木曜日)





Hagi, Yamaguchi, Jun 3, 2007


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2007年6月 6日 (水曜日)




Hagi Harbor, Yamaguchi, Jun 2, 2007


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2007年6月 5日 (火曜日)







Tsuwano, Shimane, Japan, June 2, 2007

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2006年2月27日 (月曜日)

Winter Pacific Saury



When I walked around with my camera, the world became ambiguous. Everything melted with my emotion like a piece of music. There was no name. There was no color in names. No counting clouds. Nothing. I felt a blue sky as a beautiful sky with a wind blowing in a fresh air. Ever since I have photographed, I never memorized those names of beautiful clouds, trees, or flowers. They were just beautiful as it seems to be. But, sometime I felt ashamed about it when people ask me, "hey, what is the name of this tree?" -"Sorry, Idon' know." When I baked a pacific saury for a dinner tonight, -which I looked up the dictionary for the name of fish in English later- I realized this fish was one of a few fishes I know the name! A pacific saury was one of popular fishes in Japan, especially in the season of autumn. I knew this was the winter time, but I decided to photograph it and memorize the English name of fish, with honor. I said to the fish, "Hey, it was a good dinner. Thanks for giving me great vitamins. I don't forget your name this time! I apologized that I haven't known your name in English for such a long time, Sorry, Mr. Saury!"

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2005年8月 5日 (金曜日)

A la Monet


As you know, I am a Japanese and I live in Japan. At a sunny evening afternoon, I photographed this, I thought about the French painter, Claude Monet, and his country. It is like transporting the Japanese tradition backwords. With the frame and composition, I dreamed of Monet's garden and the famous painting. Say, I composed it "a la Monet." Did Monet have studied the mind of Zen and any kind of Japanese philosophy? It is an interesting topic to think about. (Maybe some art historians are studing on the subject.) Anyway, Monet took it from Japan a century ago, and I took it from Monet a century later. I photographed this shot with the black and white film as my work, hopefully it will come out nicely and to be placed as a portfolio shot. I haven't developed the film yet. Let's see how it will come out.

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2005年7月 7日 (木曜日)

Romance...or everyone's dream

An old Japanese Festival (Legend): on the night of July 7th, the Prince of star; Altair is allowed to meet the Princess of star; Weaver across the Milky Way. I like the study of stars and space as much as science fiction. 2 days ago, I was very excited to see the mission, Deep Impact, of the NASA's flashsite. When I was in the elementary school, I did the assignment for Moon orbit in the night sky. I still remember how exciting it was. Perhaps, since then, I am still fond of looking up the sky, far, far away.

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2005年7月 5日 (火曜日)


Today's photo: the sunflower was taken from my appartment's porch. My landlord has planted those flowers (and also many veggies as well.) I posted my Japanese handwriting as if I was doing my summer homework for school. I am gloomy because I can not write what I type, and my handwriting becomes very messy. I should keep posting this style for the sake of the terrible handwriting skill, perhaps.

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2005年6月29日 (水曜日)



It is impossible to show the actual color and beauty of pale-blue hydrangea. This photo was one of the best I could, but well, no excuse, the color is not right. If I put more blue for it, the color will not be pale-blue. If I put more red for it, the color will be purple-ish. If I change the contrast and brightness,,,ahhh! Never mind. Hope you enjoy, as you see.


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2005年5月18日 (水曜日)

It must be nice!


It's been a month I had been hectic. I cooked the traditional Japanese dinner; rice, miso-soup, baked salmon, and stewed vegetables. In any of my mental and physical conditions, the dinner becomes my personal healing, which makes my soul recovered; very refreshing it is. I knew I was stressed out at the end of last week. I was not angry or upset, but I was very tense to leave my job. For the last two days, I was still dragging the bad habit inside of me. I registered head-hunting companies as many as I could, and I realized that I need to stop for a while, and take my time to think about my direction. SO I decided to take a break... I wish I could go to a theater and watch the final episode of Star Wars. IT MUST BE NICE!


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