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2004年12月19日 (日曜日)



This cat above was the biggest cat I have ever seen. It might be hard to see by the photo, but when I first saw the cat. I couldn't help laughing. It looked like 5 lb monster! S/he was a friendly cat as well. When I got closer, s/he came around my foot. I guess s/he liked me. I prefer dogs though, this cat was nice (and huge.)

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2004年9月13日 (月曜日)

What'd you care!?

 Can't you see?


 I am a small cat here!

 Never leave us alone, you fool!

 Freaking missles, depleted uranium weapons, and nukes, devils you own.

 Never sleep, we are. Aye?

 Sick, you are.

 Tired, we are.

 Not able to dream, kids are.

 Hate, how long, you do?

 Different, we are. it admit?

 Inside, compassion, you look.


RACHMANINOFF, Piano Concerto #2, in C minor, op.18,

Chicago Symphony Orchaestra/Fritz Reiner

Van Cliburn, piano


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2004年6月19日 (土曜日)


Koi(left) Kame (center) Kamo(right) photographed today @Kiyosumi Garden Park

本日撮影 清澄庭園にて


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My territory

4gku796w.GIFa cat sleeps on the noodle shop's bench


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